,ggg,      gg      ,gg                                       d8'                     ,gggg,                               
dP""Y8a     88     ,8P                     I8    ,dPYb,      d8'                     d8" "8I                               
Yb, `88     88     d8'                     I8    IP'`Yb     ""                       88  ,dP                               
 `"  88     88     88    gg             88888888 I8  8I                           8888888P"                                
     88     88     88    ""                I8    I8  8'                              88                                    
     88     88     88    gg    ,gggggg,    I8    I8 dPgg,           ,g,              88          ,gggg,gg  gg    gg    gg  
     88     88     88    88    dP""""8I    I8    I8dP" "8I         ,8'8,        ,aa,_88         dP"  "Y8I  I8    I8    88bg
     Y8    ,88,    8P    88   ,8'    8I   ,I8,   I8P    I8        ,8'  Yb      dP" "88P        i8'    ,8I  I8    I8    8I  
      Yb,,d8""8b,,dP   _,88,_,dP     Y8, ,d88b, ,d8     I8,      ,8'_   8)     Yb,_,d88b,,_   ,d8,   ,d8b,,d8,  ,d8,  ,8I  
       "88"    "88"    8P""Y88P      `Y888P""Y8888P     `Y8      P' "YY8P8P     "Y8P"  "Y88888P"Y8888P"`Y8P""Y88P""Y88P"   

Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware is getting faster. - Niklaus Wirth


This capsule is a collection of my rambling thoughts. While the focus will mainly be on software industry related topics, I will occasionally post about other subjects that interest me.

Wirth's Law Gemlog

My hope is that the relative anonymity and inconspicuousness of the Geminispace will afford me the ability to express my opinion in an uncensored manner. Be warned that the content may not be safe for work, children or fragile egos.

I reserve the right to edit/change the individual entries long after I initially post them.

I am also using the experience of managing this capsule to learn more about the Gemini protocol. So expect there to be frequent changes as I experiment with the features.


Sources of Inspiration

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